Delivering Excellent Water Quality For 100 Years

The Oyster Bay Water District has been providing an uninterruptable supply of water to the residents of Oyster Bay since 1924 – for 100 years! As a Commissioner-Run District, we believe in local control. The District is administered by the three-person elected, Board of Commissioners. Each Commissioner lives in our community. Our families live in our District. We drink our water everyday! We take pride in providing the best quality water at a reasonable cost.

The District has continued to evaluate water quality to ensure all Federal and State drinking water regulations are met. Without a safe and reliable supply of public water, our community could not have developed into the great place to live, work, and enjoy as it is today!

Did You Know?

  • The District pumped over 400 million gallons of water last year
  • The District routinely operates (4) water supply wells that are drilled upwards of 500 feet deep into the Magothy aquifer below Long Island
  • The District maintains (5) water storage tanks with a combined capacity of 2 million gallons
  • The District maintains over 53 miles of water main and over 400 fire hydrants
  • The District conducts thousands of water quality tests per year

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