Delivering Excellent Water Quality for Over 100 Years

The Oyster Bay Water District has proudly provided a safe and plentiful supply of water to its residents for 100 years!

The Oyster Bay Water District was established by the Town Board of the Town of Oyster Bay on August 17th, 1923. Over the last 100 years, the District has continued to improve and expand its system to meet the growth and needs of our community. The District has expanded from a single water supply well field to a robust system consisting of multiple supply wells, storage tanks, treatment systems, and a network of water mains. In its early years, the District served several hundred homes.

Today, the District serves a population of over 8,500 across 4.2 square miles, including numerous businesses.

The Purchase of the Oyster Bay Water District (1904)

Below are the meeting minutes from January 27, 1904 where the Oyster Bay Water District was purchased.

The meeting minutes from January 27, 1904 covering the purchase of the Oyster Bay Water District

Oyster Bay, N.Y. January 27, 1904

The stockholders of the Oyster Bay Water Works Co. met in the board room of the Oyster Bay Bank pursuant to call of president.

Members present: Geo. M. Fletcher, Sam’l Y. Bayles, Henry A. Townsend, E.M. Griffin, & Jas. Malcolm

Represented by Proxy: Chas. DeKay Townsend

Meeting called to order by President Geo M, Fletcher. Henry A. Townsend offered the following Resolution, which was seconded by Mr. Bayles and carried unanimously.

Whereas, it is the sense of this meeting that this company has outlived its usefulness and whereas there is now established and in full control of the field a new water company, now directed to make equal distribution of the cash now remaining in his hands to A (account) of this Company by drawing his check to order of each stockholder in the sum of thirty two 81/100 dollars.

Minutes read approved and accepted. On Motion Adjourned.

ss E.M. Griffin Secy.

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