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The interior of a water pumping station
The interior of a water pumping station

The Oyster Bay Water District covers an area of approximately four (4) square miles with a distribution system having 48.8 miles of water main and 412 fire hydrants. The district has a total of five (5) supply wells with a capacity of producing 9.2 million gallons a day. The storage capacity is 2,050,000 which is available in five (5) ground or elevated storage tanks.

Water Treatment

Advanced Oxidation Process treatment system
Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) treatment system

In accordance with State regulations, the Oyster Bay Water District routinely monitors your drinking water for numerous parameters. We test your drinking water for coliform bacteria, turbidity, inorganic contaminants, lead and copper, nitrate, volatile organic contaminants, total trihalomethanes, synthetic organic contaminants and radiological contaminants. Over 180 separate parameters are tested for in each of our wells numerous times per year. It should be noted that many of these parameters are naturally found in all Long Island drinking water and do not pose any adverse health affects.

The Oyster Bay Water District provides treatment at all wells to improve the quality of the water pumped prior to distribution to the consumer. The pH of the pumped water is adjusted upward to reduce corrosive action between the water and water mains and in-house plumbing by the addition of sodium hydroxide. As mandated by the New York State and Nassau County Health Departments, the District currently adds a slight amount of chlorine to the water as a disinfection agent to prevent the growth of bacteria in the distribution system. A granular activated carbon treatment system is used at Plant No. 2 – Shutter Lane to remove low level volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Infrastructure Improvement Projects Continue

The Oyster Bay Water District continues to be proactive to ensure our water supply remains safe and complies with regulations. The District has initiated construction of a new Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) treatment system to remove the low levels of 1,4-Dioxane detected at Plant No. 2 on Shutter Lane. This initiative is in response to recent New York State Department of Health drinking water standards for emerging contaminants.

The construction began in Fall of 2022 and is progressing very well. The project is expected to be completed by Winter 2024. The District was awarded a $3.0 million grant from New York State to help pay for a major portion of the project.

New water main installation

Additionally, The Oyster Bay Water District, in collaboration with the Locust Valley Water District, has initiated the installation of an emergency interconnection between their water supply systems. Construction started in April of 2023 and was completed in January 2024. The project includes new underground piping and appurtenances along Oyster Bay Road and Glen Cove Road to connect the water distribution systems. The emergency interconnection will serve as an additional source of water supply in the event of an emergency, such as a major fire, loss of water supply wells, or loss of power. In addition, the interconnection will provide added fire protection in the immediate project area. The Districts were awarded a grant in the amount of $286,000 to fund a portion of the project.

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