Oyster Bay Water District supplies both residential and commercial customers using its five (5) supply wells with a capacity of producing 9.2 million gallons a day.


The Oyster Bay Water District takes extreme care in providing a safe and reliable source of water for our local residents and our own families.

As a Commissioner-Run District, the District is administered by a three-person elected Board of Commissioners. We believe in local control of our water supply.  Each Commissioner lives in our community. Our families live in our District as well. We drink our water every day! We take pride in providing the highest quality water at a reasonable cost.

In the recent past, the quality of our water was so good it was selected by the Long Island Water Conference as the best tasting water in Nassau County!

Without a safe and reliable supply of public water, our community could not have developed into the great place it is today to live, work, and enjoy!

Should you have any questions concerning the quality of our drinking water, please contact our office at (516) 922-4848.


The Oyster Bay Water District not only serves the over 8,500 people who live in our district, but numerous commercial customers as well.  All the shops, stores and eateries in our district have also come to rely upon the safe delivery of high-quality fresh water.

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